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Company profile
一、会议音响系统常见干扰问题 声音还原是技术和艺术的配合,其质量的好坏需要从主观和客观两方面来衡量。伴随着信息化程度越来越高的趋势,各省市会议音响系统都有不同程度的延伸,整个系统的设计、选购、安装、调试,涉及到音频、视频、电源、灯光等因素的影响。那么究竟会议系统为什么出现音频干扰,并且该怎么解决呢?
development history
Yi Er Tong has realized the complete closed loop of the Internet service full product line. The initial stage of Entrepreneurship: Baidu Developer Center; Start-up period: website construction, self-help platform, website optimization, keyword effect analysis, enterprise network promotion comprehensive report;
R & D team
The R&D team is mainly dedicated to the construction and development of Internet basic information, websites, industry information portals and product projects in various industries. We are in line with the \"pragmatic, service-oriented\" principle, quality and reputation first, service to a large number of customers, and has achieved good reputation.